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04-09 This Blog Is Deprecated From Apr 09, 2018
03-09 Use SED & AWK To Clean Text Data Which Delimiter Is Special Character


12-12 Extract The Request Counts Of API From Nginx Access Log Per week
10-24 Deploying Project Codes To Multiple Remote Hosts Over SSH
08-13 Extracting Percona Version Lists For Per Supported GNU/Linux Distribution
08-10 Split Nginx Log According To Date Via AWK
07-20 Extracting MySQL Version Lists For Per Supported GNU/Linux Distribution
07-19 Extracting MariaDB Version Lists For Per Supported GNU/Linux Distribution
07-03 Extracting The Invoking Frequency Of API Interface From Nginx Access Log On GNU/Linux
06-22 Try To Speed Up Shell Script Processing Via Command parallel On GNU/Linux
06-15 Reverse Every Character In Line Via GNU sed On GNU/Linux
06-15 Reverse Order Of Lines Via GNU sed On GNU/Linux
06-14 Extract Proxy IP From Proxy Sites On GNU/Linux
06-09 Common Code Snippets Of Shell Script On GNU/Linux
05-11 Extract Free IP:PORT Proxy Lists From HIDEMYASS Via SED & AWK
03-15 Print The Previous Or Next Line Of The Matched Line Via AWK OR SED
03-09 OpenSSH Config File Usage Introduction
03-06 Installing & Updating Docker Community Edition(CE) On GNU/Linux
03-01 Use Shell Script To Install & Update LibreOffice On GNU/Linux
02-22 Git & GitHub Account Setting On GNU/Linux
02-21 gensub - AWK String-Manipulation Functions Explanation
02-13 GNU/Linux Distributions Life Cycle Summary
02-10 Essential Software Installation & Configuration On OpenSUSE Leap
01-27 Try To Creating A Private CA Via OpenSSL On GNU/Linux
01-11 Use Haveged & rng-tools To Speed Up Entropy For Random Number Generation On GNU/Linux
01-09 Try To Create X.509 Self-Signed Certificate With OpenSSL
01-08 Simple Introduction Of OpenSSL
01-02 Try To Connect VNC Server Via SSH Tunnel On CentOS 7.3


12-24 Secure GitLab CE With Lets Encrypt Running On Existing Nginx On CentOS7.3
12-23 Secure LEMP(Percona) With Lets Encrypt On CentOS7.3
12-23 Secure Nginx With Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate on GNU/Linux
12-22 Installing And Configuring Tor Browser On GNU/Linux
12-18 The GNU Privacy Guard(GPG) Simple Tuturial
12-09 Full Records Of Installing & Configuring LEMP(Percona) On Debian Jessie 8.6
12-07 openSUSE Leap 42.2 Full Installation Snapshots Record
12-05 Analying The Change Frequency Of Active Users Tokens Via Tomcat Logs